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Spend Solar Eclipse Day at the Infinity Science Center

Solar Eclipse Day
A total solar eclipse is a huge deal. They’re extremely cool, and you don’t get to see them often. A solar eclipse takes place when the moon moves between earth and the sun, obscuring earth’s view of the sun either partially or totally. The moon is set to cross the viewing... [read more]

Daily Activities At The Infinity Science Center

Astronaut in outer space. Infinity Science Center
The Infinity Science Center is a non-profit organization that has catered to kids' curiosity for the last 15 years. Located in Pearlington, Mississippi, the Infinity Science Center inspires and engages children in the deepest parts of the ocean and the farthest reaches of outer-space. This center’s main goal is to... [read more]

Explore Space and Beyond at the INFINITY Science Center

Enjoy space at the Infinity Science Center
If you’re looking for a learning adventure or need someplace to take your visiting in-laws that will really impress them, you need to check out the INFINITY Science Center. Everyone from the little ones to great-grandparents will enjoy the official visitor’s center for the NASA Stennis Space Center. In case... [read more]