Beat Boredom With At-Home Summer Activities For Kids

Dad keeping kid busy with DY summer activities at home

Keeping the kids busy during the summer would seem like the easiest thing ever. However, kids seem to have attention span ever. Parents all over can agree that keeping their kids occupied during the summer is never an easy task. With a little research, these clever parents have put together the perfect list of inexpensive and fun summer activities to keep the everyone busy.

Get Cooking

What could be a more practical way to teach your kids basic household techniques than by cooking up some kid-friendly recipes. Enjoy spending time together whiles simultaneously teaching them math and fractions when it comes to portions and recipes. Have them help compile the shopping list, and teach them about the various food groups in the grocery store. With the upcoming school year approaching, use this time wisely and teach your kids to put together their own snacks and lunches as part of their nightly chores. Enjoy making classic cinnamon buns or easy mac-n-cheese recipes all summer long! Check out this list of easy, kid-friendly recipes.

DIY Crafts

Nothing is more gratifying than a child knowing they can do create their own unique types of art. Summer crafts are not only fun but they can be an educational way for children to channel their inner creativity. One of the top projects to get outdoors is making homemade bubbles. This is a great activity for your child to do and involves a little bit of science as well. Chances are you will have everything your children will need just under your kitchen cabinet. You need water, glycerin or Karo syrup and dishwashing liquid. You can create your own bubble solution that will surely make them the coolest kids on the block. For colored bubbles, just add a few drops of food dye into the solution.

The next craft will require you to buy very little in terms of supplies. Kids love to paint, and you don’t like them painting inside near nice furniture. Lucky for you, this craft is a win-win for everyone. The painted rock craft is as simple as it sounds. Kids can simply go outside and choose a rock of their liking, rinse, dry and then begin constructing their masterpiece. Check out this list of easy summertime crafts.

Plant an Herb Garden

Kids love to paint and blow bubbles, and they also love to get messy. Now you can appreciate the mess when they help you plant your very own herb garden. Herb gardens are child-friendly and virtually impossible to mess up. This one of the best summer activities because it gives the child the gratification of helping and you get to enjoy some fresh basil on your meals. All they take is a bit of soil and a lot of love and nurturing. This will help instill in your kids a sense of responsibility at a young age.

To keep your kids boredom-free this summer, make sure you check out these easy and affordable summer activities. If you are also looking for reliable transportation, make sure you check out Nissan of Picayune for all your automotive needs!