Got a Green Thumb? Get Ready for Spring by Planting a Garden!

planting a spring garden

If you have a green thumb, it’s time to put it to work. Spring has arrived, so you can use your green thumb to your advantage by planting a beautiful garden! Follow some simple gardening tips, and you will have the best garden in Picayune.

Consider the Shape and Size

While some gardeners just start planting, it is a good idea to determine the garden’s shape and size before you dig up any dirt. Use a garden hose to come up with the right shape and size for your garden. With the garden hose acting as the garden’s edges, make sure you can access all of the plants. If you can’t, you will need to include a path in the garden.

Come Up with a Focal Point

Gardens need focal points. When you use a focal point, people know exactly where to look first. Then, their eyes can span out and take in the rest of the garden. You can use garden art as a focal point or choose shrubs or brightly colored flowers. Just make sure that whatever you select will grab people’s attention.

Get the Best Flowers for Your Spring Garden

When planting your Spring garden, you should include flowers that will thrive in Mississippi’s climate. You can do that by visiting a local gardening center. The Flower Bed Nursery and Bounds Feed, Seed and Garden Center are both excellent options. You can find a wide variety of blooms that thrive in Mississippi.

Avoid Even Numbers

After you get your blooms, you’ll be ready to start planting. It is important that you plant your blooms in odd-numbered groups. You need to plant a minimum of three of the same type of flowers in each section of the garden. You can plant more than three, but stick with odd numbers.

Once you plant your garden, your yard will be the talk of the town. Keep the compliments coming when you’re on the road as well by getting a new vehicle from Nissan of Picayune in Picayune, Mississippi. That way, you’ll put your best foot forward, whether you are chilling in the garden or driving around town.