Spend Solar Eclipse Day at the Infinity Science Center

Solar Eclipse Day

A total solar eclipse is a huge deal. They’re extremely cool, and you don’t get to see them often. A solar eclipse takes place when the moon moves between earth and the sun, obscuring earth’s view of the sun either partially or totally. The moon is set to cross the viewing line between earth and the sun on Aug. 21, 2017, resulting in a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in North America. The next time you’ll be able to witness an eclipse like this will be will be in 2024! So, be sure to plan the perfect way to spend Solar Eclipse Day at the Infinity Science Center.

Infinity Science Center’s Celebration

You don’t want to watch such an incredible event from just anywhere. Luckily, Infinity Science Center near Picayune, Mississippi, is hosting a full day of events. Not many places can top a science center as a viewing spot for a solar eclipse!

The center’s events start at 9:30 on the morning of the eclipse. Activity stations will be open all around the center featuring impact craters, the phases of the moon, a pocket solar system, and an eclipse viewer, just to name a few. Local meteorologist Ryan Mehan will be at the center to answer questions and take part in a few activities. Dr. Karen Roark from the NASA Ames Research Center in California will also be on-site to speak.

The actual eclipse will be viewable at the center around 1:30 in the afternoon through the center’s eclipse viewer. As you’ve probably heard, starring at the sun intensely is not so great for your eyes. The center offers a safe way to view the eclipse and turn it into a full day of fun.

More about Infinity Science Center

If you’ve never made the short drive out to the Infinity Science Center, you’re missing out. The center is an interactive science museum and the official visitor center for NASA’s Stennis Space Center. The Stennis Center is NASA’s largest rocket testing facility.

You can take a bus tour of the testing facility or just wander around the museum and take in the hands-on exhibits. The center has a full-sized International Space Station module, a cutaway of the Orion spaceship, and the first stage rocket booster from the Apollo 19 Saturn space shuttle all on display. The museum is perfect for science nerds old and young. This place is awesome to visit on any given day, but planning your trip on the day of a solar eclipse takes things to a new level.

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