Experience the Taste of Ocean Springs at the Upcoming Food and Wine Festival

wine tasting festival

Do you love wine? What about food? If you answered “yes” to both questions, get ready for the 8th Annual Taste of Ocean Springs Food and Wine Festival. This festival will take place on May 11th at the L&N Depot, and it is sure to attract large crowds. After all, when you offer delicious food and perfectly paired wine, people can’t help but check it out.

Additional Details

This event is hosted by the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce selects various restaurants and nightlife establishments to take part in the event. Each establishment brings food and beverages to share with guests. Top wine brokers are also on hand for beverage tastings. You can learn quite a bit about wine from these brokers.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce typically arranges some light music to play in the background. Organizers don’t just use an MP3 player, either. They actually bring musicians to the event to enhance the atmosphere.

There is a dress code for the event. You will need to leave your shorts and jeans at home. The Chamber of Commerce typically has people dress in black, white, or red, and they don’t allow ties. It’s a nice event, but they don’t want it to get too stuffy.

Additional Details to Come

The Chamber of Commerce hasn’t released all of the details yet, so keep your eyes open for additional details as they become available. Also, pick up a ticket when they go on sale. People travel from all over the South to attend. If you don’t get a ticket early, you might end up eating a Hot Pocket the night of the event instead of schmoozing with some of the biggest names in food and wine!


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