Where to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day Near Picayune

picayune ice cream

Finding the perfect ice cream sundae can be a tedious task. It takes the right combination of complementary ingredients and authenticity. If you are in the near the Picayune, Mississippi area, we have compiled a list of some of the best sundae options in town. So, make sure on Sunday, July 16 you head over to these local gems and celebrate the holiday properly!

Betty K’s

The first on the list is a local favorite called Betty K’s. Known for their amazing burgers and shakes, this hole-in-the-wall joint has the people of Yelp raving. With its near 5-star rating, this place has some of the best reviews for their classic meals. Aside from the sundaes, you’ll also find that they have received many awards for having the best burgers in Mississippi. Many people claim they have been coming here for years and the experience never fails them. So, the next time you are in the Picayune, area make the stop to celebrate National Ice Cream day the right way!

Dairy Queen of Picayune

Next up on the list is Dairy Queen. Known around the world for their tasty blizzards and traditional flavors, DQ is an easy pick for this upcoming ice cream celebration. Amazing service and tasty milkshakes are just a few of the amenities that you’ll find at your local DQ. To keep up with offers and promotions, check out their full menu. Since there are tons of unique flavors to choose from, make sure you try each and every one. Many people say that they love to top off a meal with these creamy shakes. For local deals and information, check out their Facebook page. Spend National Ice Cream Day celebrating right, and get yourself an Oreo blizzard on the go. You won’t be disappointed.

Purple Banana Frozen Yogurt

Pulling in a 4 .5 out of 5-star rating on Yelp, the Purple Banana of St. Louis is the spot for frozen yogurt. Although it isn’t traditional ice cream, it is still a slam-dunk in the frozen treats department.  Known for their generous portions, the Purple Banana is hard to compete with. Purple Banana appeals to the niche, being one of the only frozen yogurt shops in St. Louis, Mississippi. Make sure you check out the Purple Banana for yogurt and toppings galore.

There’s a reason ice cream has such a tradition here in the United States. You just can’t beat it! While you’re just a short drive from these locations, make sure to check out Nissan of Picayune for safe transportation to get you and your sundaes home safely. See you there!